Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rolodex Swap A is for Asian

By Jan Wills

By Jerri Brown

By Sunny Hasler
A few friends and myself are participating in a rolodex swap. A mini work of art that fits into a small rolodex.  My friend Sunny came up with idea of a theme for each letter of the alphabet.  Four of us committed to doing the whole alphabet!  This is January.  The green ones with the ginko are mine, Jerri Brown did the bamboo background with the stamp and fiber and Sunny did the woman with the red background.  February is B is for butterfly.  Can't wait to see what is next.  I did see something on line that was called the "scrap-o-dex".  I guess the idea is a scrapbook in the rolodex format.  7 Gypsies has a mini library drawer that looks very intriguing....I would like to see it in person.  I don't have the stamp credits as these are all unmounted stamps. I have almost no mounted stamps any longer as I ran out of space to store them all!

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