Sunday, January 29, 2012

N is for Nostalgia

We have done 26 rolodex creations.  Such fun! This is my Nostagia interpretation.  I found this old package of sewing needles when I was in New Mexico. I copied it on my printer then added some embossing. I wanted to keep the needle point away from fingers so I hid it underneath the ball of  thread. 

I actually have 3 rolodexes full...I made an extra of each to possibly use as a gift or ? Well...if you have to make 5 what is one more! LOL

Last Phase

So Jeff started the prep work for the shower a few days ago...the plumber came and put in the pipe for the new fixtures...Making Progress!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Card

I really like this set from SU.  The curly label punch works great with it. You do have to position it higher on the card so the punch will reach.
I embossed this with the cuttle bug dot folder. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My M is for Music.

A little sneak preview of my M rolodex. M is for music.  I used a brass metal and heated it with a small blow torch.  The first try the metal was too sharp and I didn't want any severed fingers on my conscious so I didn't do the deckle on the final piece and mounted it on cardstock so the edges were covered. I really like the brass. The blue/purple that happens with heating is like magic!   I have done this with copper before and the color is nice as well.

Like the deckle....but too dangerous!!

Final this too.  The folder is a Tim Holtz embossing folder.

L is for leaves Rolodex

This is one of the few stamping projects I have accomplished while my quilting frenzy has taken over my crafting time. 







I have been very busy quilting my fingers to the bone. When I initially started this Queen sized quilt I thought it was a good idea to hand quilt it  LOL. By the time I realized what a big job it was too late. In thix picture I am almost done, (please don't ask how long it has taken me). Need to finish up just around the edge a little and then bind it and VIOLA..done!   It is a court house step variation and my youngest daughter picked out the fabric (when she was much younger LOL) and I think she did a great job.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow Tag

So....I watched with great envy and interest all the Tim Holtz tags over Christmas.  There were so many talented artists that had time to follow this every day and create tags of their own.  Well....I did not have time to create my own interpretations then but my friend Sunny came up with a year long project to stimulate our stamping mojo.  We will take the tags and create one every month.  I thought it was a great idea.  We will be finished in time next year to start all over! LOL. took me about 4 hours to finally get this tag where I was happy with it.  I have to say we didn't have alot of the supplies but we improvised.  We used a spellbinder die for the pinecone.  What great techniques we learned....Thanks TIM!!

I cut the letters from my cricut.  The snowflakes are sparling white paper but didn't photograph well. Very fun. The pine branches are a Martha Stewart punch and the holly is an older punch Sunny had.