Monday, May 28, 2012

Wine Corks

This is a mystery project...what do you do with a coping saw,sandpaper and a BAZILLION wine corks? Well, you will have to stay tuned to see.  LOL

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Q is for Quote Rolodex swap

Here are the Q rolodex works of art. 

Deb did this rolodex.  I have to know about the flower...did she buy it or make it?  It is really pretty and springs right back when you have it in an envy.

Sunny's rolodex. I am so glad she showed me hers before I made mine...I was thinking of the same set....great minds!

Gretchen made this "interactive" rolodex. The quote pushes right back into the rolodex base.

This is Jerri's rolodes.  I really love that bird.  I have the stamp set and haven't used it yet...Will have to pull it out now with this inspiration!

I have had this quote and stamp FOREVER!! They are unmounted stamps so I have no idea who made them. I bought them at separate times too.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation Card

I got the instructions for this great graduation card off of  You Tube. Just search "graduation hat card" and a ton of examples will come up.

Nice thing about this card is that it folds down and fits in a regular sized envelope.  The video on you tube used ribbon for the tassle...I just happened to have a few tassels in my stash!  How convenient. Like I always supplies when you see them because you never know when you will "NEED" them!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Second Set of Coasters

I showed a friend of mine the coasters I made for my daughter and she wanted a set. She chose an "ocean" theme.  Well I looked again through all my paper...guess what...plenty of palm trees etc. but no fish, shells or beaches.  I went to Jo Anns and found this paper.  It really is a picture of a calm ocean in 12 X 12...a little harder to tell on the coasters.  I cut out a palm tree from my cricut.

I don't know what the dots are on the picture maybe something on my lens.

Baby Card

This is my version of a card that was in the SU magazine for demonstrators made by:  Barbara Dykhouse.  I tried and tried to get the pleated ribbon to work and finally gave up.  I like this version though.  Thanks for the idea!!

She used a hanger stamp but I happened to have these cute hanger brads. The little one is a Penguin Pants stamp. The dress is from the owl punch.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Cards

I went to my friend Sunny's house on Monday for some play time. Along with making me supper I made cards that she came up with for her Stampin Up group. Very fun.  THANKS SUNNY!

I have seen so many samples in blogland with this set....I really like this card!!

How cute is this dress?  Instead of cutting out the top, Sunny is so clever and use a oval and tag punch. Much easier.

Love the colors on this card.  Such a happy combo.

Coaster project

My daughter refinished a table. It turned out beautifully and she didn't have any coasters so I wanted to make her a set. These are cheap tiles from Lowes with paper and a clear dimensional sealer. I was browsing through my HUGE paper collection (kind of embarrassing) and I happened upon this paper. I don't know why but it caught my fancy. I guess it is the nostalgic feel.

I made a set of 6. The pattern tended to repeat when I cut the paper so here are three examples.

I like the fading in this paper, looks vintage to me. I did put some ink distressing along the edges (surprise).

I painted the back to make it look more finished then put felt circles to protect the furniture.

New Quilt Project

This is my new quilting project.  I have never tried this type of quilt and it took some concentration to figure out how to cut the fabric initially.  Once that was done it was pretty straight forward. You have to align the long fabric panels so when you cut the triangle they will match. This enables you to make a hexagon kaleidoscope.

This is what the fabric looks like. You look for the repeat in the pattern and then cut to that length. After this you stack the panels on top of one another and align them.

After they are all aligned you cut a bazillion triangles.  I cut 165 sets of 6 triangles.

Now the fun have 3 ways you can put the triangle sets together to make the kaleidoscopes.

As you can see....there is quite a variety of colors and shapes! I love the fabric my daughter picked for this project. The contrast will be stunning when I get it together.  When these are all done....they you put them on a design wall and play with the placement.  Very fun and exciting project.
The book I used is One-Block Wonders by Maxine Rosenthal.