Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Quilt Project

This is my new quilting project.  I have never tried this type of quilt and it took some concentration to figure out how to cut the fabric initially.  Once that was done it was pretty straight forward. You have to align the long fabric panels so when you cut the triangle they will match. This enables you to make a hexagon kaleidoscope.

This is what the fabric looks like. You look for the repeat in the pattern and then cut to that length. After this you stack the panels on top of one another and align them.

After they are all aligned you cut a bazillion triangles.  I cut 165 sets of 6 triangles.

Now the fun have 3 ways you can put the triangle sets together to make the kaleidoscopes.

As you can see....there is quite a variety of colors and shapes! I love the fabric my daughter picked for this project. The contrast will be stunning when I get it together.  When these are all done....they you put them on a design wall and play with the placement.  Very fun and exciting project.
The book I used is One-Block Wonders by Maxine Rosenthal.

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