Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Needs some work

I think this will end up being a before picture...I sense a revision of the ribbon...too much

Fun little project.  You put the grungeboard shapes underneath the vintage paper and then I used modpodge and a pallet knife to define the shapes along with paint and glitter accents.

Little miss Cleo checking out the new couch

A beautiful sunny day and sunset
This is the only card I came up with from the "paper quilting " I did the other day.  I think I took it apart about five times and changes the design many more times.   I haven't done the big ribbon thing yet and I could have gotten carried away a bit.  The other pic is my interpretation of a project on Tim Holtz's blog with grunge board, a vintage dictionary page and a small canvas.  Had to throw in a new couch and kitty picture and a beautiful winter sunset. 


  1. I think that you should give the sunset photographer some credit!

  2. I really like those collage pieces! That's a really neat effect.