Saturday, February 25, 2012

Folded Flower Tutorial

I put a few pictures together in case you wanted to know how these are made and don't have the specific magazine.

Start with five punches. I used a scallop punch as I liked the ruffled edge better than the plain edge of the circle.  Whatever size flower you want, pick that size punch as you will use one of the punches as a base.

Fold in 1/2 then in 1/4

I used a tape runner to attach the folded pieces to the base. Don't get crazy about matching the really doesn't matter if they are a bit will never know.

This is the flower all folded. You can add a brad etc or another smaller punched scallop or......
The magazine instructions stopped here. I added my own twist.

I folded the top one more time in 1/2.  I like the added pinwheel look. It is more 3 dimensional. They are pretty the other way too.  So pick out some scraps and start punching and folding.  (you will be surprised at what you find in your scraps....did I really like that paper???)  LOL

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