Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charm Swap from Ink Stains

This is the safety pin charm hanger with Roni's great pen nib charm.
This charm is from Diane K.  Great wire work on this one.
This charm is from Connie B.  What a great vintage feel to this charm
This charm was made by Jen P.  The presentation was so awesome that I photographed the whole thing.
Close up of the charm.  I just love the wire bird nest.  I need to figure out how to make one.
This charm is by Gail.  The flower is sandwiched between 2 glass or plastic rounds with small beads on the circumference.
Just received my charm swap from Roni at ink stains.  She is a delight and always has such great ideas.  For our participation she sent us a chart pin to hang our charms from.  Very generous I would say.  My very first post was the charm I made for the swap.  It was a Robin on a bottle top with a handing bead embellishment.  I got back a great variety!!