Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OK I admit it...sometimes I am cheap.

I have been looking at those tiny containers of flower soft and thinking I would like to try some but then I look at the price and I just can't buy any.  The main problem is that with my collecting compulsion I wouldn't stop at ONE!!  I would have to have every color.  So I remembered a trick I read somewhere on the internet about making your own flower soft-like product from styrofoam.  All you do is rub styrofoam balls together and collect the small particles that result.  After this you can dye it any color you desire with re-inkers.  I would let it dry over night as it did smudge a bit for me as I was too impatient and used it right away.  I am working on a card that I got the idea from splitcoast stampers and I will share that soon.

This is a combo of  green and cranberry that I am using for my card

I used 4 styrofoam balls I bought at the dollar store and I got all this.

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