Sunday, September 9, 2012

T is for tree rolodex swap

I admit I have a real passion for trees. I am always looking at the different trees in yards etc.  My husband laughs when I say "I want a tree like that" because even though we live in the woods we already have quite a number of  "not native" trees all around our house.

I really love this stamp. It is by A Stamp in the Hand. It is also still mounted which is not usual for me. I first saw this on a card by a friend, Laura Lok and of course I went on a quest to find it.

Sunny...very soft and calming!

Gretchen, also love the soft colors

Jerri did this rolodex, This is an old SU set which I used to use a lot. HMMM need to dig that out and play!

Deb...the paper on this is beautiful. I don't think it photographed well enough but there is a beautiful gold luster on the lantern.
I finished my U for universe and V for vegies. Wow only 4 more to go. My two years seemed like quite a commitment at the start but it has flown by and I will be sorry to see it end...can we make up some more letters for the alphabet??

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